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Shocking Real Housewives Of New Jersey Exposé: All Is Revealed & Explained

26 Jul


Wow. I’m not sure who user KungFU from Lipstick Alley is, but they just spilled a whole pitcher of tea on all the cast members from Real Housewives of New Jersey. I’m not usually one to take random comments as fact, but the posts don’t seem to be written on a whim. The poster appears to be very well informed, researched and connected. Many of the accusations and allegations are nothing new. Plenty of bloggers and commenters have discussed these subjects before. Never to this length and detail though. The following reads like “Fame-Whorgas for Dummies,” though much more concise and with plenty of brand new revelations included.

While I would certainly take it all with a grain of salt, it’s pretty believable and makes sense. That being said, I again want to make it clear. This is all information and speculation posted by a random person, with no clear identity or professed connections to cast or crew members. For those of you still interested and dying to read some spicy details about the the first ladies of New Jersey and their family feuds, read on…



As expected, the majority of this has proven to be merely speculation and opinion. The following selection on the dispute between Joe and his parents was ENTIRELY lifted from a comment left on AATRH.com While I never posted this story as fact and explained that it was merely comments left online, I feel obligated to share information disproving the alleged “inside source.” I’m not sure how Kung FU could explain themselves now. These were not short comments and they weren’t written poorly. Do people really have that much time on their hands? Has looking behind the curtain of RHONJ become that much of a fantasy land for some people?

I can’t explain it. What I can say is that parts of this refer to facts that Bravo has made an effort to hide. Kathy and Rich Wakile were facing a huge lawsuit when they were cast on the show. Melissa and Joe Gorga are living in a spec home and facing bankruptcy. The feud between Dina and her family? Pretty much true, and a story that’s been rehashed for years online. But for some viewers, all of this is new information and speculation. So take it for what it is, and don’t believe everything you read online.

On Melissa & Joe Gorga’s dispute with his parents…

Melissa Gorga will never be accepted by the elder Gorgas because of what she’s done. Joe Gorga took a dirty loan (loan sharks) without the elders’ knowledge. They had NO clue they did not own the home until Joe failed to keep his loan sharks paid, because all his money was tied up in making Melissa a “star” and living in the spec house without the banks knowledge. Elders were surprised with a quick, shady foreclosure/eviction that left them HOMELESS! The spec home was never intended for Joe and Melissa to live in, but Melissa convinced Joe if they got on the show they could keep the house and make enough money to cover it.

Teresa was not just surprised they got on the show, she was shocked because it caused her parents to lose their home in order for Melissa to keep the mansion. Yet, Melissa had the mansion and the shore house. You see Joe Gorga talking about his parents’ financial problems. That was his guilt talking. He was covering his ass because he didn’t know what Teresa would reveal about the house. He is seen speaking about finding his parents a better home- an empty promise he made them after stealing their home for his wife’s benefit. You later see Joey, Caroline and Melissa’s sisters attacking Teresa on Twitter and on the show for not helping to provide for the elders. This is all an attempt to cover for what they believe Teresa will reveal about Joe and Melissa. Melissa convinced him the parents didn’t need the home anyway because they live with Teresa and Teresa makes enough money because she’s so rich that she can provide for the elders! All excuses Melissa used to steal the elders home and blame Teresa.

You see Joe Giudice actually building an apartment for the elders on his own property because the elder Gorga has Italian pride and is devastated that he’s too ill to work to support himself and his wife. Elder Gorga worked his ass off, his whole life as an immigrant to provide for his family. He reached retirement with his home paid for and should have been able to rest and enjoy his family. But instead he’s homeless and his income is not enough to pay rent. He is too ill to work as he once did. They went from being in retirement with their home paid for to being homeless!


Joe Gorga’s jealousy and fear kicked in and he could NOT allow Joe Giudice to fix the mess he created, or be the hero to his parents. So he intentionally called inspectors and tried to prevent the apartment from being built. Once again destroying his parents and putting their business on national TV! Italian mothers do not cut the apron strings with their sons. Melissa knows this, which is why she lied for three seasons pretending there was no problem with her in-laws! Nothing Teresa could say or do would cause the rift that’s between Joe Gorga and his parents. Joe and Melissa are completely responsible for that.

After all this, add in what Kathy has said about the elder Joe Gorga and accusing Teresa’s mother of STEALING recipes. Watching with their own eyes, every single one of the cast members try to get Teresa and Joe Giudice to implicate themselves in a crime that could send them BOTH to prison. Melissa has ruined this family. She ruined the elders; she ruined Joe Gorga and Kathy Wakile; she attempted to ruin Teresa’s life, her ability to support her family, and her career. How would any parent react to this? The elder Gorgas are completely aware that Melissa has destroyed their family- ethically, financially, mentally and much more.

Joe Gorga repairing his relationship with Teresa will not change his relationship with his parents. He and Melissa both know this. Which is why they can’t allow the relationship to mend. Because then they have to explain why they still have no relationship with the elders. Joe Gorga making up with Teresa would lead to him sitting down with his parents and eventually facing what Melissa has done to their family. She must keep Joe away from his family. Gorga is seen in this past episode crying he has no mother. He does have a mother, but she’s pulled away and is very careful around Joe and his wife. Joe Gorga is too embarrassed and ashamed to face his parents over what he does to them.

On RHONJ Cheating Allegations…

The stories coming out about her ex are true. Melissa challenged Teresa to bring any dirt she has on her forward in her most recent blog. She is setting the table to blame the ex-boyfriend (Bryan Bowen) coming forward on Teresa.


Melissa is not the only one who cheated. The Gorgas have not had the happy perfect marriage. In fact, both Joe and Melissa cheated. Joe had a long time mistress who came forward before the season aired, but was shut up with hush money. She swore she had no idea he was married until she saw he was cast in RHONJ. Melissa was indeed a dancer. That is not new tea. She was notorious for using men for money. Married or not, didn’t matter.

ALL the men HAD mistresses. It’s a given. Rich cheated with anything he could get near, Gorga cheated, Al Manzo cheated, Chris is obviously a cheater, but I can’t say for sure if he’s cheated since he married Jacqueline. I would personally guess that he has. There were rumors that he and his ex-fiancé rekindled something after he married Jacqueline, but I don’t know if that’s true. Joe Giudice has cheated. All the Jersey men are guilty of the same things. Including fraud, dirty money, dirty deals. Joe Giudice is the only one getting recognized for his misdeeds, but I assure you they are all guilty of the same stuff. Even Al Manzo.

The story about a Joe Giudice love child is not true. He would have been sold out by Melissa already. I can say without a doubt Joe Giudice WILL have a son, either from a mistress or Teresa. The Giudice boys all have daughters and Grandpa Giudice has offered up a LARGE amount of money to the first one to produce a grandson. It will happen!

On Melissa’s Friend Jan DeDolce

Melissa’s bridesmaid turning on Melissa is funny as hell. Melissa doesn’t have many female friends to begin with. She would flirt with all men, including Joe Giudice. Married men were not exempt. She used her sexuality in everything she did. While Melissa was working overtime to get cast on the show she used her “friends” to bash Teresa, leak stories about her to the tabloids etc.

Once Melissa was on the show she cut them out of her life. They would text and call her and Melissa refused to acknowledge them. When Bravo banned the sisters from being on the show, they then told Melissa she had to find friends to film with that were not related to her (otherwise Melissa could control all the conversations). She had no choice but to turn to the same friends she had kicked to the curb after getting on the show, hence, the bitter bridesmaids.


On Melissa’s Sisters…

Melissa’s sisters were banned for revealing storylines and going after viewers on blogs and Twitter and threatening people. They had every intention of becoming housewives on the show. They became a liability and Andy Cohen was being blamed by viewers and taking serious heat for what they had done. Think about the amount of leaks and details people knew about last season before it even aired. That’s not the case this season. The Marco sisters were using Bravo and Melissa to obtain free clothes, meals, and other free items in exchange for advertising on the show. Bravo controls all advertising. If you see a product mentioned or shown, believe Bravo is being compensated in some form for it. There is NEVER accidental advertising.

That should lead you to consider Teresa’s cookbook. The one they spent an entire season discussing? Interesting that Bravo would allow that storyline, right? Bravo is accused of hating Teresa and going after her. But it’s not true. Bravo has used this fighting to line their own pockets. They never intended for Melissa to be a “favorite.”

What they intended was to push Teresa into snapping and revealing the truth about her brother and Melissa. That was supposed to be last season’s storyline. They went after Teresa’s marriage, her child (attacking Gia on field day), pushing Joe’s pending trial, etc. They went so far as to actually TELL the rest of the cast that Teresa had outed the Gorgas for the house stealing. That’s why the Gorgas, Lauritas and Manzos all went after Teresa. They made fools of themselves, all while believing they were defending what Joe Gorga had done to his parents. They had no idea production had manipulated them!

On The Feud Between Joe Gorga & Joe Giudice…

Joe Gorga claims he’s hated Joe Giudice for ten years. But at the christening, the entire Giudice family was invited- Joe Giudice’s mother, father, brothers, sisters, etc. The whole family of a man he’s hated for 10 years? At that point, things were just starting to pop off- with the elder Gorgas just learning about their own home, which they believed was theirs! Gorga was in a deep hole and was insecure and scared of what people were saying. He needed an excuse to blame someone else and jumped the gun on his parents and his sister. He didn’t know if the others would speak about it on camera. So he went crazy fully intending to be vindicated because they had hatched a plan to say it was all lies& vicious “rumors” spread by Teresa. They had not yet switched the mansion from bank construction to a real mortgage. Melissa was stirring the pot and building Joe up to keep him on track and blaming Joe Giudice for using his “people” to make this happen.

Truth is Joe Gorga was mowing lawns and not going anywhere in life. Teresa begged Giudice to help get Gorga started in the business. Flipping houses, construction and property. An easy business to get into, unless you’re in NJ or NY. It’s a tight group of people and everyone is connected. Giudice taught Gorga how to flip houses. He opened doors for him, gave him contacts and allowed him to use his people. People did him favors and trusted him because he was Joe Giudice’s brother-in-law.

A flipper buys the property and calls his connections in to do work, electrical, pluming, drywall concrete all that shit is connected. They do work out of their own pocket and get paid when the flipper sells the home. We all know the majority of construction work is under the table, and often done by illegals. They depend on each other to stay in business. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. Burn one and you burn them ALL. Joe Gorga started small, using Giudice’s connections, made a little money, then went in over his head with the mansion. When he moved into the home, he screwed his connections over. They were never paid because the home wasn’t sold.

He went on national TV and bragged about his extravagant life. Melissa telling the world that the home was a gift to her made it worse. Not only had they not paid the people they owed, they admitted they never intended to sell the house to begin with. So Gorga knowingly ripped his connections off or he was lying. Either way, not good! Gorga then showed himself as a snitch when he filmed a scene with a contractor and admitted to calling inspectors on Giudice. He was finished. He will never work in construction again. Ripping people off, burning his contractors, burning the workers and showing himself as a RAT.

If that’s not enough, both Pete and Joe are well established and connected. RHONJ is the Gorga’s only income. When that ends they will have to leave the state in order for Joe to continue in the only business he knows- construction. He has no other skills or education. That’s why there were stories out that Joe and Melissa were moving to LA. They actually made a trip down to LA and met with Lisa’s friend Muhammad. You can Google for the story and pictures to back that up. However, Muhammad is no fool and Joe’s reputation followed him there. He won’t be using Muhammad to start another run in construction.

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 8.49.05 PM

When the show ends, the Gorgas will lose everything. He will never work in NJ or NY again. Teresa and her parents know what’s coming next. It’s why Teresa has been very careful with what she says. Joe Gorga will be running back to his family soon. Gorga is stupid and insecure. When this ends, Melissa will be gone and Joe will be devastated and unable to support himself.

On The Feud Between Melissa Gorga & Teresa Giudice…

Teresa is not innocent. Teresa didn’t like Melissa from day one. She saw right through her. Teresa used her bond with Joe Gorga and their parents. Both Teresa and Melissa did ridiculous shit to each other. Like the sprinkle cookies and the “congrats on your redone home.” They were civil to each other but both getting in jabs and competing.

Melissa Gorga was a Real Housewives fan before New Jersey was added. Way back to OC days. With them already in competition, Teresa gets cast on the show. Melissa went nuts with jealousy and hate. She was scheming before the cameras even arrived to film season one.

On Kathy & Rich Wakile… 

Kathy is BANKRUPT! She didn’t have much choice. Rich was in deep shit. His gas station was so broke that he had gas delivered by EXXON and never paid for it. To the tune of like 200k! Exxon came after his ass. They got a judgment on Rich preventing him from using, selling, trading or transferring EXXON property. But Rich’s dumbass didn’t bother to show up in court or even respond to EXXON. So they went about the collection process and started depositions to find out what assets they could recover from Rich. Rich never responded! He ignored them again. Then he gets a lawyer and tries to file for bankruptcy. Exxon objected and the judge held Rich in contempt of court for not appearing to the numerous summons for court.

Then Kathy shows up on RHONJ pretending to have the perfect life. In reality she was broke and close to losing her home. She didn’t even own a car! Money is Kathy’s motive. She was desperate and sold her family out for fame and fortune. But again, she’s vindicated herself by saying she has done nothing to hurt Teresa and everything’s Teresa’s fault.

On Jacqueline and Chris Laurita…

The Jacqueline you see in the first two seasons was FAKE. You’re now seeing the real Jacqueline on the show. She was a Vegas “model/hairstylist” living with her parents raising Ashley. Chris hit her up every time he was in town on business. Chris was engaged to Dina’s best friend and they were planning their wedding when Jacqueline got pregnant. Chris cancelled the wedding and married Jacqueline In a quick ceremony that pissed his whole family off. Particularly Dina. Chris moved Jacqueline and Ashley into Caroline’s and it was turbulent. Dina and Jacqueline eventually made peace, so Dina thought.


When season one was airing, Jacqueline was leaking dirty stories about Dina to bloggers and gossip sites. She is behind all the rumors of Dina’s husband cheating on her and she’s behind Danielle knowing that Dina forged her ex husbands name on paperwork giving bravo permission for Lexy to film. Danielle was not the force behind all that, she couldn’t be, how would she know the family secrets?

Jacqueline went so far with her hatred of Dina and went after Dina’s charity. She trashed the charity in the blogs. She was feeding a vicious blogger personal details including Dina’s cell phone, which was posted on this blog. They called the charity a fraud and a cover for Dina to funnel money. She was ruthlessly attacked on Twitter and any company who donated or supported the charity was harassed.

It got so bad that Dina logged on Caroline’s Twitter account and tweeted her support for Dina and Project Ladybug. But Jacqueline also had access to Caroline’s Twitter! She logged on, tweeted the account had been hacked, and shut it down. This caused a big fight between Caroline and Dina, because Dina knew Jacqueline was behind the attack, but Caroline didn’t want to believe her and took Jacqueline’s side blaming hate bloggers. Jacqueline has been full force encouraging the fighting between Dina and Caroline. The rumors that Dina wanted them to leave the show were not true.

Jacqueline is TRULY mentally unstable. Chris wanted to divorce her years ago but was afraid of what she would do. He stayed for Ashley and his son. Jacqueline used Ashley for a storyline on the show. She needed a storyline and went the route of Ashley being troubled. But Ashley rebelled because the rules and judgments placed on her for the storyline were so off base from what her life was like when cameras were not around. Jacqueline would gossip about family, make fun of people and manipulate things behind the cameras, then play the innocent housewife when cameras were on.

On Dina Manzo…

Dina’s dream of being famous was innocent. She did a wedding special for VH1 and was pursuing other avenues of reality TV when she came upon Bravo. It was a small network mostly known for Top Chef and Inside the Actors Studio. She signed up for a show about rich housewives then set out to bring her friends on and build the cast (including Teresa and a couple others). Dina’s friends were cautious and had to clear it with family (for obvious reasons). Well, at the last minute a couple of the girls pulled out. That’s when Dina asked Jacqueline to do the show. By that time, producers had been in town and picked up Danielle. They were scrambling to find the last housewife before filming started and convinced Caroline to do it. She didn’t want to but her kids were so excited she went for it.

The show was much bigger than anyone ever expected. It blew up with Teresa’s table flip and the book drama. Danielle was stirring attention and Tommy Manzo didn’t like it. A smart businessman knows the attention is dangerous. For some reason it makes people nervous and antsy. With cameras, producers, editors sniffing around. A dangerous game.

It’s also alleged that Dina got wind of where the show was headed… straight towards her friend. Remember Caroline blaming Teresa? Chris’ words were interesting because he said, “Knowing how Teresa is, I have to assume Teresa is involved with the wedge between my family.” Is it possible that Giudice and Tommy Manzo are just not cocky, brazen and arrogant enough to do what the others have done? The others are paying for it now. They are ALL paying for it.


Jacqueline told Danielle about Dina forging her ex-husband’s name on the contract allowing Bravo to film her. Her husband found out from his sister, who is close to Danielle, because Danielle told his sister! There is even an episode of Danielle in the sister-in-law’s shop. No one knew about Dina forging her ex-husband’s name but Dina and Caroline. Caroline told one person. Jacqueline. Jacqueline is defending and helping Danielle in season one until the family forces her to get in line.

None of this led to Dina being fired. Dina left the show because her husband wanted her off. Her husband also wanted Caroline and Jacqueline off the show, but he couldn’t control that and Al Manzo was not pressed about it.

On Teresa Giudice…

Teresa keeps her business tight. She doesn’t tell anyone anything. She trusts no one now! She learned years ago when everything she said showed up in magazines. Not the ones she was profiting off of, but the magazines that were flying off the shelf with details on her bankruptcy and Joe’s legal issues. Everything was being spilled.

Rumor was Jacqueline was selling the stories, but I know for a fact that Melissa was selling stories. Teresa trusted her brother. She told him things, and her mother too. When things started leaking, Teresa took notice and limited who she gave details to. Eventually she was telling no one and private things were still being leaked. It led back to her mother and brother telling Melissa and Melissa selling the stories. So you can imagine how careful she’s become with Joe’s legal issues and her business to protect.

On RHONJ Contracts & Casting…

Jacqueline, Caroline and Teresa are still on the show because they have no choice! They can’t leave Bravo because of their long contracts. Caroline has phoned in her role for a few seasons and Jacqueline tried to get Bravo to fire her. Teresa tried to quit when her family came on the show, but Bravo had tricked her. They got her to sign the contract after long negotiations over her cookbooks, and then revealed her sister-in-law would be on! She begged them to fire her or let her quit, but Bravo wasn’t having it. They have forced them to stay on the show. Teresa will be with Bravo for a long time!

The current “truce” is all for the cameras. There is no truce. Bravo was worried about where the show would go from last season. Teresa obviously wasn’t going to drop the goods on Joe and Melissa. Melissa had backed herself into a corner, with no chance of making up with Teresa, because she thought it would result in Bravo firing Teresa. If no one likes her or films with her, they will fire her. Melissa is a narcissist! Bravo was NOT letting go of their cash cow. Bravo decided to enforce their contract and make both Caroline and Melissa write a book. Caroline knew the contract and the drill. She’s fulfilling her contract. Both Melissa and Caroline’s books were designed to feed into the storyline. Obviously you can see what direction they are going. Caroline is going to “fix” the family and Melissa is going to be made to look a fool for writing a marriage book.

Bravo is now afraid to make cast changes because of what happened to RHONY. They intentionally plan 2-3 seasons ahead. They have to lay the groundwork for things to unfold. For example; Melissa coming on and production building trust with her. They prove they are on her side, build her up and teach her how to play the game. Then she trusts them enough to relax and say things, knowing they will edit them out. They have her pick at Teresa until Teresa snaps, then edit it to make it look like Teresa started the whole fight. Now, when producers have her do it again she is confident and knows its safe to mumble under her breath at Teresa, whisper insults, hide out of camera range and make comments to stir the pot. The season airs and BAM! Melissa is happy and satisfied that producers are on her side.

Then, they flip the script and stop editing those things out. By the time Melissa realizes it, she’s fucked. She’s depending on Bravo paychecks, already signed a new contract and getting her ass handed to her on national TV. This happens to nearly all the housewives. Melissa was so confident and giddy over having production “in her pocket” that she failed to realize she was walking the exact same path that many before her had walked. Watch for Brandi of RHOBH, as she’s falling for the same deal.

On Caroline & Al Manzo…

Look at how Joe Giudice was busted for the fake ID when he had not actually used it. The Manzo and Lauritas knew Joe Giudice had obtained the driver’s license because Jacqueline and Chris were close friends with Teresa and Joe. I don’t know what caused the Manzos and Lauritas to turn on the Giudices. No one I know has all the dirt on this. But Caroline was an angry, bitter, old hag towards Teresa.

Teresa had made Caroline look like a fool because Caroline tried to manage Teresa’s book deal. Teresa didn’t listen to Caroline and insisted on doing it her own way. Caroline told her, she was making a mistake, it wouldn’t sell, don’t get an agent, etc. Well, Teresa’s book shot off the shelves, she was making money hand over fist and she was the most popular housewife. Caroline was pissed! That began the hate, but I’m not sure that’s the whole story.

Anyway, Al Manzo pulled his dirty connections and tipped the police to Joe Giudice’s fake ID. They tried to catch Juicy driving, but were unable to. Remember, he was still hot from his DUI and was probably laying low. So they targeted Pete Giudice, pulling him over and using that as their reason to investigate. This was a ballsy and bad move on Al Manzo’s part, considering Joe Giudice also has connections. This led to Al Manzo’s investigation, as well as the police chief and his cohorts. All were asked to resign immediately or face criminal charges. They all resigned.

Now think back to the entire cast trying to get Teresa to speak about Joe’s legal case on national TV. Interesting right? It’s also sort of interesting that Joe and Teresa don’t appear to be too concerned about Juicy going to prison. It’s odd that a state prosecutor would be pushing for Joe to do the maximum time in jail for a crime millions of college kids commit everyday. A sentence that is so outrageous that no one believes he deserves that much time, so of course he’s going to reject plea deals. Matter of fact, how has Joe managed to get a judge so agreeable that he’s postponed trial for 3 full years and counting? Well, if they slap him on the wrist it would be obvious, no?


I think this is Caroline’s last season. She’s rehabbing both her and Albert’s image. She’s trying to show a softer side. She’s bought the condo in Hoboken, filmed scenes proving she rarely stays in her “mansion,” established that her sister has taken over the family home, she’s seen coming back to move things from the mansion to the condo with a standout scene of a boar in her driveway to stick in viewers mind. She’s establishing and documenting residence In Hoboken, while letting viewers think it’s just to be close to her boys.

Al is filmed in the condo, they’ve established Lauren lives there and the boys have an apartment and a business in Hoboken. Al Manzo will be running for office in Hoboken in the upcoming election. He’s so corrupt it’s ridiculous. His arrogance and defiance of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is shocking. Gov. Christie’s cleaned up the corruption and allowed the “connected” public chairs to resign or face charges. He got rid of Al Manzo and his cohorts, but Al has been pushing all nearby areas trying to weasel back in. He’s made numerous efforts to get himself and Albie into a police force, with enough persistence to make it obvious that there is more involved then being interested in “police work.” He’s been shut down over and over again. No one will allow him in, for fear of Gov. Christie coming after them. He’s so bold that he releases his own stories, pushing to get people on his side. He is dirty and the only way he can get back in business is by being voted in.

But how long will it last? Brownstone business is down lately. I mean, the economy being as it is, people can’t afford to travel from all over NY, NJ, etc. to have their business meetings at the Brownstone. They can stay in the city and conduct business in any restaurant. It may not be as secure, secluded, free from prying eyes, ears, and those damn hearing aids elderly people tend to leave laying around, but oh well. The show must go on.

Did I mention that Al Manzo was involved with the volunteer police force and well connected to the sheriff, commissioners and power people in the surrounding area? Area business men (including priests and rabbi) are known to share their favorite box of cereal with associates over a business lunch. Some people bring a nice bottle of wine to close a business deal. Others choose a nice big box of cereal. Who am I to judge?

Anyway, with Brownstone business down and Al losing his commissioner seat, the Manzos are clearly struggling for….money? So why not help the boys, who appear to be fumbling and losing lots of money in their crazy black water adventure. Seriously, these knuckle heads have lost a lot of $$$ in BLACK WATER. Poor Chris Laurita himself has lost nearly $50 million trying to get this business off the ground. Whew! But he loves him a good box of cereal!


Now that the boys have done the moral thing and helped their favorite uncle, it’s time they are repaid for all their loyal work. Let’s get them started in a new restaurant up in Hoboken, till the “economy” settles down at the Brownstone. Matter of fact, let’s just move our eggs to that basket for the time being and let the dust settle. After helping their uncle Chris intentionally pick a product that would never succeed in order to hide the money he drained from his company, they were then ordered to open a restaurant in Hoboken to help their father establish ties for an upcoming election.

Sorry, I got sidetracked. It just makes me sad thinking about poor Jacqueline and Chris. Being bankrupt and sinking their very last dollar into something that’s bound to fail. Plus the bankruptcy they are unfairly dealing with, to the tune of $55 million dollars! How dare federal investigators accuse them of fraud! They have enough to deal with. They can’t afford their house payment, their medical bills, they owe taxes… How will they pay for their autistic child’s treatments? My heart BLEEDS!

On The Future Of RHONJ…

Back to the story, so how long before the narcissist Melissa and her loud sisters piss Jacqueline or Caroline off? Even the few Gorga fans can clearly see that Melissa is not the best with girlfriends. Plus, they are on a reality show with editors who are careless and only interested in drama to bring in ratings. Eventually the storyline will turn, Melissa will do what she’s known for, and run a full on campaign to destroy her enemy… then what? Will someone be “going away” or sleeping with the fishes? Do these people have any clue the risk they have taken for a little fame and money?

Maybe that’s why Teresa is so shocked and worried about her brother. He’s so dumb and a hothead with a bad temper. Melissa doesn’t care, she will just move on when it’s all said and done. When Teresa says she just wants her brother back, it appears creepy because of the emotion we see. Like she’s already grieving the loss of a family member, to death. With elder Joe Gorga terminally ill, he is worried about leaving his wife and daughter. He can’t count on Joey to look out for them. He has looked to Giudice as the man of the family to take of the women. Does this explain why Melissa is considered the problem?


On Kim D and Kim G…

Kim D and Kim G are producer weapons. Remember, the show is family. They are not going on air and stirring the pot in front of the world. They must have a neutral party that can deliver the goods. Kim G was used in the beginning, but her husband is connected and was NOT playing. He threatened divorce if she went on the show and he followed through! (Only the Manzos are cocky enough for that)

Kim G was Jacqueline’s mouthpiece back then. Jacqueline couldn’t do and say all the things she felt without causing a family war. Interesting enough, Jacqueline was behind Kim G’s antics when Teresa was going through bankruptcy. Chris admitted it on camera in a shady way. Remember his solemn talking head where he says he thought they were friends with the Giudices? He had even planned to secretly buy all their items from the bankruptcy sale and give it back to them. This was a direct hit to Teresa and Joe. It was intended to show them they were NOT friends. This is what Kim G was saying years earlier. See here where she told the tabloid of her plans and look who was to accompany her to the auction, Jacqueline’s good friend Tom Murro.


Production realized Kim G was not the neutral bomb dropper she was supposed to be, she was in Jacqueline’s pocket. Producers would tell Kim G what they wanted her to do and say. But Kim G was telling Jacqueline, which led Jacqueline’s crazy ass to think Teresa had figured out her two face game and was going to drop a bomb on her at the reunion. She thought she was HIT!

Jacqueline’s basket case antics created this mess. She plays dirty, so when producers plan a twist, Jacqueline’s paranoid ass flips out and tries to pin it on someone gunning for her. The truth is, it’s production stirring the pot. A liar always thinks people are lying, a cheater always thinks people are cheating. A manipulator always thinks people are manipulating. Jacqueline took it to a whole new level.


So they dropped Kim G (regardless of what Kim G claims). Kim D herself is “connected,” so that gives her a certain level of protection. But she is Bravo’s tool and must be able to move between the families with ease. If this stops happening, Kim D will be replaced by someone else who can be the go-between (Bravo tried this recently with Jennifer Dalton). Caroline and Jacqueline can’t turn on Kim D, because she is the voice of the RHONJ producers. If they shut her out, they shut production down, and I’m sure Bravo got that in writing.

Kim D told Joe Gorga, “I run with the big dogs.” Even without Bravo producers, Kim D runs with the big dogs. It’s one thing for the women to fight and argue. It’s another for a man to say what Gorga said. Similar to Juicy demanding Joe apologize to Teresa. Gorga was forced to apologize to Kim. Gorga insulting her in the way he did was a challenge to her family! Imagine a man speaking that way to Jacqueline or Caroline. What would the men do? Gorga thinking it was fine to say the things he said to Kim D is more proof that Joe Gorga is not equipped to be in this game. He has no idea what he’s doing.

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57 Responses to “Shocking Real Housewives Of New Jersey Exposé: All Is Revealed & Explained”

  1. Kelley July 26, 2013 at 9:13 pm #

    Very interesting!!

    • Grub January 21, 2014 at 8:06 am #

      I read about this information on several blogs, but the minute I posted about it on Bravo’s web site, I was blackballed by them and none of my comments regarding any of their shows ever gets published. Bravo is kind of like a Mafia. Their way their version or no way.

  2. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place July 27, 2013 at 11:12 am #

    What a read! I was hear for every last bit of it. I can’t stand Melissa. She’s a liar and fraud, What she has done to the Gorga/Giudice family is unforgiveable. I seriously hope Joe doesn’t divorce her, because when and if he does, Tre will be blamed and Melissa will spin it as Joe beat her on the regular or something.

    • Patricia Carlisle (@Grammy8) July 27, 2013 at 5:53 pm #

      Joe Go and Melissa will never divorce because their lies are so intertwined. I also don’t want them to divorce because then he will come back whining and wanting Tre to take him back. I wish she would kick them as far away as she can.

    • dexterpie September 20, 2013 at 11:34 am #

      Meho is leaving Baby Gorga the second the show gets cancelled, or she is fired. She needs a rich man. What is she going to do, go to work like Theresa did?

  3. Real NJ July 27, 2013 at 6:20 pm #

    Okay.. it was Lauren who tweeted that her Mom’s acct was hacked.

    You can read more about that whole thing on RCH
    I do not have the energy to correct the rest of inconsistencies. One paragraph says one thing — than another says another.
    Allot of this information was taken from blogs put together.
    Lets address this:
    Advertising – bravo will negotiate with businesses to film so they have some where to film scenes. Just as Kim D. And Teresa filmed in a Diner ( I forget the name.. I have a headache after reading this) this season — the owner agreed in exchange of advertising. Sounds like a good swap right? Not so, when the show aired an employee came forward and said they had employees family members come into fill up seats and was disappointed they only showed the Parking Lot. I digress! If you watched Alex Mccord’s recaps on RHNY, when you look at the credits you can see if Bravo paid for the trips or not, it will say in small print: “Courtesy of….” Yes, Bravo does make a small chunk off of HW’s products IF THEY ARE SHOWN! All TV shows make their money off of commercials. I digress!

    Marcos and the clothes: yes, the Marcos were promising designers people that they could film with them in exchange for Free Product — knowing later they could say that they had no control of it got filmed etc. Dirty? yes.

    The Marcos were not banned; hello they were on this season. However, yes, Melissa did not to start filming with people other than family.

    Al Manzo scrubbing the Gorgas records? If you believe that then China has no rice.

    • julierobins July 27, 2013 at 8:11 pm #

      If this was an attempt to counteract what I just read… you addressed about 2.5% of it. Is it safe to assume then that everything is true except for Al Manzo having NJPD in his pocket? I’ll go with that. What in the world do the dinners that were upset about not being filmed have to do with this article? Do you know how long we have wondered WTF could cause DINA to stop speaking to many of her siblings? Don’t you think we were shocked at this sudden change in Jacquelines personality? When Caroline made those threats to Danielle Staub? You know after reading this (three times now) EVERYTHING..and I mean EVERY THING makes sense! I’m even going to GIVE you that Al Manzo / Joe G drivers license story.. Take that away. Take the entire MANZO family out of it. I understand that production creates story lines and exploits conversations, etc. BUT it makes SO MUCH SENSE NOW. Whoever wrote that article has a front row seat to this entire train wreck and personally I think its a spoiler-alert that is going to PISS OFF BRAVO because they could have ridden the coat tails of this family for 5 more seasons and STILL we would be wondering who dunnit. I’m shaking my head tonight. If this is true..and I do believe it… Teresa has been brutally treated. If BRAVO CONTROLS THE BOOKS? does the rewrites.. All the things said about Caroline to incite drama., How she protected her brother..When KIM D said “I run with the BIG BOYS”.. when JOE GOR apologized.. Conspiracy Theory? Nope. Someone just posted all the facts.

      • Ex-Best Friend July 27, 2013 at 8:14 pm #

        Preach! I couldn’t have responded better myself :-)

      • Melissa.. No, not that Melissa July 27, 2013 at 8:35 pm #

        LOL the person said he or she did not have the energy to address it all.
        All of what is posted has been out since 2010 through now.
        You don’t remember #charitygate on twitter when the late LynnNchicago and Carly Hall did a podcast and blogged about it?
        Jacqueline was the source in 2011 that went to Lynn and explained (as a source – not as Jacqueline) why her, Dina and Don Caro don’t speak..
        Geez. Catch up.

      • Melissa.. No, not that Melissa July 27, 2013 at 9:52 pm #

        Why the hell would Al Manzo help get Joey Gorgas record cleaned? Especially when they first joined the show and Caroline wanted nothing to do with Kathy or Melissa?

      • Melissa.. No, not that Melissa July 27, 2013 at 10:01 pm #

        There is a blog called: Oncommon ground(dot)blogspot.com
        Melissa was jealous from Day one. The blog came out in 2007 ish or 2008 before RHNJ aired; One comment said one the cast members was her family member, she was a ditz and her husband cheated on her.. then someone else who it seemed was Dina said (vertabim) to the person, “shame on you, what a way to announce if true you should be ashamed for posting on a blog and tell the family member” and another said, “I know who you are, you guys have enough problems, shame on you for being like to your SIL’
        There is 2 posts there — remember, this was posted before the show aired. You can tell where Jacqueline posted as well, the same BSC rants as she does on twitter. Lysa Simpson was Stoopid enough to comment with her real name on other blogs stating Bravo should have picked Teresa’s brother’s wife.

      • cat.pat August 28, 2013 at 8:51 pm #

        It sure makes sense and I hope everyone but Teresa ends up being blackballed from tv. This all actually gives me hope that some of them will get what they deserve. : )) & WOO HOO

  4. Me July 27, 2013 at 6:39 pm #

    This is all Teresa. Lame.

    • Ex-Best Friend July 27, 2013 at 6:51 pm #


    • Quick July 28, 2013 at 2:57 pm #

      your sick

    • Quick July 28, 2013 at 2:57 pm #

      @me your sick

    • Chainey October 7, 2013 at 3:27 pm #

      People will believe what they want to believe. Teresa can’t keep her story straight half the time, It’s why she talks over people and in circles, people (including Andy) end up shaking their heads and move on to the next topic. Teresa said one accurate thing, she said, “I am a hustler”. DONE!

      • Someone October 16, 2013 at 2:44 am #

        You are soo right! And evidently you believe the fiction that comes out of MeWhorgas’s mouth, along with Katfish and Jax! I bet you were giving Mewhores book 5 stars too, as a piece of literary genious huh?

  5. Mimas July 29, 2013 at 8:56 pm #

    That’s sad! People are so jealous, I only wish people the best in life, writing all this horrible stuff benefits who?

  6. at_h20 July 29, 2013 at 10:53 pm #

    I have a headace after reading all that shit.

    Some of it seems like it might be true, but really you guys? Come on now…

    People have WAY too much time on their hands. Get a job. What are you going to tell me next? That Nene Leakes and Phaedra Parks are lesbian loves who recently joined the mob? Get the fuck out of here…

    • isbitchbetter December 23, 2013 at 8:26 am #

      Lol how can you tell others they need to get a job bc they are passionate about a show they care about and have the goods on. And how do you know the source doesnt have a job? And if you didnt want to believe it, what made you read besides curiousity? Evidently you seem like youre living inside a bubble, like all the stuff that has been featured on the show is 100% accrurate. Thats why these shows editing for a reason. In the great words of one Danielle Staub “The truth will come eventually.” And here it is in black & white.

  7. meshe August 24, 2013 at 1:07 pm #

    The funny thing is Kim D. posted this on her Twitter feed. Just another attack by Kim Depaola a.ka. Jealous “D” because she is an old hag with nothing but a jealous frame of mind and is pissed that the show does not spotlight her! Jealousy… so sad so ugly just like you…Jealous “D”. Did you notice how in the article the only person that comes out on top so to speak is Kim D? How transparent.

  8. MJ September 3, 2013 at 7:55 pm #

    a damn good read…..not usually into ready additional info about reality shows that are already a big waste of my time…but the New Jersey Housewifes…was never my favorite and i started watching it just becz…and start wondering why the hell do they think Theresa is the cause of everything going wrong in their lives…i mean WTF they blame this woman for everything!!! it just doesn’t make sense and is completely unrealistic….even with them editing out things…they show Theresa…and she always is so happy (for the most part) when she has any positive connection or breakthrough with her brother…and flash on her brother and Melissa discussing the same scene/situation/meeting, whatever…and they are just bashing her for no reason….which is why I googled what the “f” is really going on….now i know….even if its not all accurate makes much more sense then the storyline Bravo is feeding us….Thanks for the article…..

  9. tippy September 9, 2013 at 9:21 am #

    I use to watch, but given the indictments, idk if you guys read them .. that is a copy of the NJ gov justice system case against the giudices


    I seriously stopped watching. As for the relationship with the family (gorges & giudices) I think it is all an act for tv. Notice they babysit for each other kids just as recently & the “fans” fall for their disputes. I personally think its alot of hatred going around amongst the fans to “choose” a side is bravo bringing in ratings. Notice its only the two brothers going to “wrestle” each other. I think Mel & Tre in reality are the best of friends and are doing this for the “fame”. Reality tv is not reality is just edited tv to get people to come and see. We’ll cut off the boring stuff and keep the drama and rearrange to whatever we want so people will watch …

    To me Mel & Tre are laughing all the way to the bank …

    it use to be my guilty pleasure lol but I watch other stuff now since this drama occurs every season the same storyline blah blah blah .. Don’t get me wrong I like reading the blogs to see how emotional people get with the show, also to see if they are any cancelations calls. I feel rhonj has run its course and its time for a new cast or even a new city. To me its just fake and people are disrespecting each other for feeling so passionate about people they never met before and placing judgements on what they have on an edited tv show …

  10. tippy September 9, 2013 at 9:35 am #

    FYI good entertaining read! and I did a typo meant to say “have seen on edited tv ..”

  11. dimegirl September 11, 2013 at 7:05 am #

    Yes, Melissa is the dirty one all the way! Boy-She knows how to stick by her lies and take them to the grave.it’s easy to see that she was a stripper just look at her income taxes and read-Entertainer.It will be filed under a 1099 as contract labor..,But yes whoever wrote this blog has most of all the story lines figured out!

  12. baybek8s September 29, 2013 at 4:31 am #

    In the words of Gomer Pyle, “Golly” and “Shazam.” I am speechless but this is very interesting. I didn’t Jacqueline was such a witch. On another note…Does Ritchie own that Ferrari Rosie and his son went joy riding in?

    • Ex-Best Friend September 29, 2013 at 10:44 am #

      LOL, No way! Have you seen the Wakile house? You think they can afford a Ferrari? That was sponsored; it was product placement; an advertisement for Ferrari.

  13. janice October 8, 2013 at 1:18 am #

    Is that a Toll Brothers house the Gordas are renting? If you want the worst parenting call the Manzos…….

  14. Sophia October 23, 2013 at 4:36 pm #

    This is mostly true. Can’t verify Manzo scrubbing Gorga records but think back to dumb Joey having to apologize to Kim D for calling her a coke whore. He is too stupid and hot headed to keep it together but needed to apologize for several reasons & quickly. Why anyone would question the truth of him dropping a dime on Joe Guidice with Bldg & Safety about the senior Gorga apartment isn’t paying attention.

  15. NJFan November 5, 2013 at 5:27 pm #

    I can not even get through half way through this with out calling total BULL SHIT. The author of this crap is 1) not very bright and 2) has WAY too much time on their hands. (I suppose number 2 is because of number 1) Seriously, this is so far fetched, ill-logical and flat out hilarious. I would maybe believe there is a kernel of truth buried deep within a few of the stories…but the author certainly took liberties with any little whisper of the truth.

    Just off the top of my head – why would the “elders” (who talks like that anyway? “The Elders” like we are talking about some religious cult) Why would the elders not “OWN” their own home? Their retirement home? Why would it be in their son’s name? Who does that? It really makes NO SENSE. My parents home is in their name, my home is in my name….that is how it is done. (Please don’t blame it on being off the boat, old school, Italian, etc….good Lord – anything stupid seems to get chalked up to being old school Italian…its offensive)

    And how is it that EVERYONE is evil, bad and full of bad character and bad intent EXCEPT THE TWO CROOKS UNDER INDICTMENT AND CHARGED WITH 39 FEDERAL FELONIES and ADDITIONAL STATE FELONIES?

    Look, let’s let some common sense prevail here. The crooks are the crooks, the others are just people with normal issues like you and me. No big conspiracy theories or scams with Bravo.

    OMG people are nuts.

    • isbitchbetter December 23, 2013 at 8:15 am #

      How you feelin, Melissa!

      • Vincent Anthony July 28, 2014 at 7:55 pm #

        Agreed! In true Melissa fashion! “THE TWO CROOKS UNDER INDICTMENT: Is unfortunate but us a joke! I wonder if they were tipped off! Why aren’t we seeing more indictments like this. Surely they are not the only ones doing it no less getting caught at it either!

  16. Renee Erwin December 15, 2013 at 6:41 pm #

    When it comes to money, people will do some terrible things even to family. Believe me I know. I come from a family with plenty yet I live mostly off my disability from an injury I got when I was a Nurse. Bravo is run by NBC which is nothing but pure evil. The networks could care less about destroying these families for ratings. Imagine at first making that much just letting the Camera’s in your family to film. You feel like a movie star. Then, just as the person who laid it all out for us they drop you when you are expendable and not needed anymore. They all need to remember you come in this world with nothing and you will leave with nothing unless you know Jesus Christ. I feel for all of them. Fame isn’t worth losing your soul over

  17. isbitchbetter December 23, 2013 at 5:41 am #

    Wow… I’m in shock at how well researched and detailed all these “characters” are. Everything is making sense. People thought Teresa was simply being a sour puss when her family (particularly Messy) joined the show and Jac/Caro turned on her in seasons 3-4. She didn’t even have to spill the tea on these people because they were going to dirt their hole especially when it came to baby brother’s and her evil sil antics. Sadly, because of her relatives dry snitching, she and Juicy might be going to prison for a long time. Some family, huh!

    And I hate to say it but reading all this has also made me a fan of Danielle’s too. She might have appeared crazy as shown on TV, but she knew what was up about the Lauritas/Manzos clans. All because Jac was feeding her the goods but Danielle was the one that got scapegoated and ran off the show thanks Caroline’s bullying! Not to mention how she was info on Teresa thanks to Messy too. Seems Jac is the Melissa Gorga of her family. It’s no wonder why they got along so well. Birds of a feather flock together! Thankfully I’ve read both Jac/Caro won’t be back for season 6.

    Now Kim D has exposed that Caroline/Al’s marriage isn’t all that and a bag of chips. He’s been carrying on an affair with some woman named Jill for a handful of years that Caroline keeps denying. It is why now Bravo has finally given her and her family their own show so that dirt wouldn’t be aired during season 6! They want to clean up as much of their image as possible to make their family seem wholesome and all together. Please!

  18. isbitchbetter December 23, 2013 at 5:50 am #

    Reblogged this on myvoiceisimportant.

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  21. Cailin @ Sassy Dove July 7, 2014 at 11:14 am #

    Whoa – very interesting. It would be something to know who this KungFU is…

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  23. Robin August 15, 2014 at 8:11 am #

    Seems like you are a big Teresa fan…

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