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Comedienne Heather McDonald & Shannon Beador Join RHOC Season 9

19 Dec


If you follow any of the remaining Orange County housewives on social media, you’re well aware that they’ve been filming season nine for a couple of months now. The ladies have been posting a plethora of pictures while taping scenes for the show, and, in the process, revealed the newcomers. In case you missed it, Gretchen and Alexis were fired and Lydia turned down a second season.


(From left to right) Peter McDonald, Heather McDonald, Tamra Judge, Eddie Judge, Shannon Beador, David Beador)

(From left to right) Peter McDonald, Heather McDonald, Tamra Judge, Eddie Judge, Shannon Beador, David Beador)

With such a drastically reduced cast, it only made sense to introduce several new women.

Shannon Beador was the first new full-time housewife signed on for season nine. I initially wrote about her joining the show here.


Even the OG of the OC is warming up to newbie Shannon!

So far, there’s no tea to spill about her. She’s a hot blonde and she’s married with three children, including twins. Her husband, David, works in construction. Not sure what product or brand she’ll be shilling.

It’s unclear if she knew any of the cast members prior to filming.


Housewives fans were first introduced to Tamra’s friend, Heather McDonald, on her spinoff mini-series, Tamra’s OC Wedding. Many people are probably already familiar with Heather from her extensive work in the entertainment industry.

She’s an actress, writer and comedienne. She spends most of her time writing for Chelsea Lately, but is also a successful author and touring stand up comic.

You may also recognize her from some of her acting roles. She’s made appearances on Reno 911!, Malcolm in the Middle and White Chicks.

Personally, I love her books, You’ll Never Blue Ball in This Town Again: One Woman’s Painfully Funny Quest to Give it Up and My Inappropriate Life: Not Suitable for Children, Nuns or Mature Adults.


I think she is absolutely hysterical. I’m not a huge fan of Chelsea Handler, but when Heather’s on the Chelsea Lately roundtable, I’m usually willing to tune in.

I’m thrilled to hear that she’s been filming for RHOC’s new season. Part of me is doubtful that she’ll be a full-time cast member, but even if she doesn’t end up holding an orange, we’ll still see plenty of her. It’s clear from pictures the ladies have been posting that she’s been present for most group events filmed thus far.


It should also seem pretty natural to integrate her into the show. She’s real life friends with Tamra Barney and Heather Dubrow, so she wasn’t just randomly added to the cast. She’s also an actual housewife, with a husband, two sons and a stepdaughter.

It’s got to feel a bit strange for her, though. She’s used to impersonating housewives in sketches and now she’s actually filming as one, as herself. My personal favorite is when she used to play Danielle Staub.

(From left to right) Brad Wollack as Caroline Manzo, Heather McDonald as Danielle Staub, Sarah Colonna as Teresa Giudice, and Chelsea Handler)

(From left to right) Brad Wollack as Caroline Manzo, Heather McDonald as Danielle Staub, Sarah Colonna as Teresa Giudice, and Chelsea Handler)


Finally, AllThingsRH.com is revealing that another new housewife, named Danielle, has been added to the mix. We’ve yet to get a last name or picture or even see her with the other women, but their sources claim she’s already been filming.

Apparently Bravo’s counting on Danielle to bring some controversy to the new season and are trying to keep her a secret. Sounds like another Danielle we know…

“Danielle is married, a mother of three children and she just moved into a gated area of Irvine called Shady Canyon. A lot of people think Danielle has a really strange marriage. There are a lot of people in Orange County who believe he is really gay. She started filming around Thanksgiving.”


Personally, I’m pumped for season nine and think they made all the right decisions when it comes to casting. Gretchen and Alexis’ story lines had expired and while I loved Lydia, I think it was obvious the show wasn’t a great fit for her. She’s too sweet and didn’t bring any of the drama I’ve come to expect from this over-the-top franchise.

Heather McDonald, for obvious reasons, will be bringing plenty of humor to the show. I can only hope she’ll have talking heads so we can hear her commentary on the inevitable cat fights and scuffles.

And thank you Andy Cohen for tying down Vicki Gunvalson for a ninth year! Can you believe she’s been doing this mess for nearly a decade? What would RHOC be without the alcoholic workaholic housewife we’ve come to know and love?

Vicki, making sure she's not missing any money on a season nine trip to Hawaii for Heather's appearance on "Hawaii Five-0"

Vicki, making sure she’s not missing any money on a season nine trip to Hawaii for Heather’s appearance on Hawaii Five-0

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